Interesting Facts about Baltic Amber.

Interesting Facts about Baltic Amber.

Amber word in English is used to refer to either color or gemstone. Baltic Amber refers to amber originated in Baltic sea regions. When Amber is used to refer to the color it means that this color is similar to orange-yellow. Also this word can denote to gemstone, which was formed within time from natural fossil resin. This particular word is thought to be derived from Arabic language.

Insects in AmberInclusions:

Since natural resin that Baltic Amber was formed from was sticky it often happened that it trapped various insects, pine needles and etc. As a result Amber stones and jewelry made from this gemstone contain various imperfections, bubbles, plant parts as well as insects that are valued highly by admirers of this natural gemstone. The fact that Amber contains insects from many years ago has helped scientist a lot. They were able to identify more than one thousand different species of insects that are already extinct these days. Continue reading Interesting Facts about Baltic Amber.

Amber Teething Necklace FAQ.

Since many people have a lot of questions related to Amber and Teething Necklaces made from this natural resin we decided to answer them in this article. Since we have been selling Amber for many years already we also tried to include some additional information and share our knowledge.

What colors to choose for Amber Teething Necklace?

amber-teething-necklacesWhen choosing a particular Amber necklace it might be worthwhile to pay attention to the color of this gemstones beads. It is always worthwhile to choose lighter colors of Amber – milky, lemon or honey since these are natural colors of Amber. Due to this they are more commonly found naturally and there is less chance that these colors were obtained while using special treatments like high temperature, pressing and etc. Other than these mentioned colors green is also quite commonly found naturally and necklaces with this color beads can be the most effective for a baby who is teething. Even though we mentioned just a few colors of Amber it doesn’t mean that others will not work or work less effectively. But if you want to get the most natural Amber Teething Necklace it is definitely worthwhile to keep this in mind.

Raw vs. Polished Baltic Amber: which one is more effective?

amber-teething-braceletsMost resources about Amber and Jewelry made from this gemstone suggest that raw Amber might have more potential health benefits and it can be more effective for teething babies. The main idea behind this theory is that raw (unpolished) Amber might contain more Succinic Acid. This type of Amber is untreated as well as unprocessed so it is thought to contain some additional layers of Succinic Acid. Due to this it can be considered as the most effective type of Baltic Amber and preferred by those who want to wear the most natural and health beneficial jewelry. Users who want more vibrant and shining Amber colors tend to choose Polished Amber necklaces and bracelets. Polished Amber also contains Succinic Acid in similar amounts although it is not that natural.

Can they be worn when a child is sleeping & unattended?

When making Amber Teething necklaces, bracelets or anklets we always try to ensure that that jewelry would be safe to wear for babies & children as much as possible. The first safety precaution we do is make accessories that would only have Amber Beads knotted from both sides. This particular precaution helps to ensure that in an accident that Amber Necklace & Bracelet would break there would be only one bead away from the jewelry and reachable to a baby. The second safety measure we use is make Amber necklaces and bracelets only with Polyester 100% string / cord. This particular cord tends to be very strong so it would be almost impossible even for an adult to break it. It also worthwhile to mention that we use two different types of clasps when making Amber Teething Necklaces. POP clasps are usually more preferred in Europe and Screw type of clasps in other countries like USA and Australia. The main benefit of POP clasp is that jewelry with this type of clasp will undo once sufficient pressure is applied. This type of feature is very useful if a child gets caught on something. The main advantage of Screw type clasp is that jewelry will not fall easily and a children will not be able to take off necklace or bracelet on their own with this type of clasp. So both types of these mentioned clasps have positive and negative features and can be preferred by separate users.

So to conclude this it can be said that most Amber Teething Necklaces are made to ensure the highest possible safety for a child. Despite that it is important to treat these necklaces & bracelets as any jewelry to minimize risk of any accidents. Since children at young age tend to move quite a lot it is best to remove all jewelry and similar accessories while they are unattended or sleeping.

Why Prices of Amber Baby Necklaces differ?

In most cases prices of Amber Teething Necklaces depend on Amber Beads shape & color, necklace weight and some other factors. When it comes to shape of Amber Beads usually the rounder they are the more expensive they are too. This is mainly because it is more difficult and time consuming to make Amber Beads that would be perfectly round. Color of Baltic Amber beads might also have an influence on price of necklace or bracelet. Usually Milky color (or Butterscotch otherwise) jewelry tends to be more expensive since it is more difficult to find Amber stones in this color naturally. As with any gemstone weight of a jewelry will have a high influence on the price since more Amber is needed to make them. When price of Amber Teething Necklace is significantly lower when compared to other sellers it might be also worthwhile to check if this seller has Amber Authenticity certificates. Since Baltic Amber is quite expensive there are also quite a lot of limitations of this natural gemstone. So before buying Amber Teething Necklace or other Jewelry it might be worthwhile to do some investigation first.

Baltic Amber Healing Properties.

amber-jewelry-healing-propertiesIt can be said that the usage of Amber in folk medicine has a long history. Amber and different extracts made from this natural resin were used in Greece from even the times of Hippocrates to treat many different ailments. Potential health benefits of Amber were also known throughout the middle Ages and it was used for medical purposes up until today. Many artisans throughout the years were also aware about Amber health features (therapeutic and protective properties) so they created different bracelets, necklaces, pendants as well as rings that would contain this natural gemstone. Alternatively Amber was also made in a form of remedy that can be either used topically or ingested.

The most known property of Amber is that it contains large amounts of Succinic Acid. Baltic Amber in particular is known to have the highest quantities of this acid than compared with other types of Amber. By its weight Baltic Amber might contain as much as 8% of this acid. For this reason it tends to be rated the highest when compared with other types of Amber. External layer of this natural resin is where the highest amount of Succinic Acid is found. Due to large quantities of this Acid, Baltic Amber is known to have quite a lot of benefits to the health. Succinic Acid is known to be effective anti-oxidant that can help to minimize cardiac rhythm disruptions and fight free radicals. In addition to that this acid can have a positive impact on neural system and even enhance immune system. Succinic Acid can also provide benefits like better concentration & awareness, reduced stress since it can help to balance energy in the brain and body. The most recent research on this acid proves that it’s effective in enhancing energy, balancing acids in the body and also improving immune system. Succinic Acid is thought to be released from Amber when jewelry from this natural gemstone is worn close to the skin and for a long time. Generated warmth from the skin is what triggers this acid to be released and then to be absorbed into bloodstream. For this reason Amber Necklaces are a very popular remedy for teething babies & children. Hand-made Amber necklaces & bracelets are being used today to provide babies with calming and soothing benefits. Wearing Baltic Amber Jewelry for Adults can also provide a vast range of benefits like enhanced immune system, stimulated thyroid function and reduced inflammation in the body. Some adults also use Amber for clearing the chakras, alleviating stress, filling body with energy and even encouraging healing. For adults who want to use Amber as a natural remedy for some medical condition it is best to choose Amber Jewelry that would be close to problematic area. So for instance if you want to use Amber for stimulation of thyroid function it is best to choose Amber Necklace.

Amber is also known to have electrical properties and for this reason it is quite commonly referred to as Electra. Electrical properties of Amber were noticed by Greeks. They observed that when Amber jewelry was rubbed against cloth it was able to attract small and light objects like hair. Since Amber gemstone is electromagnetically active and it can help to make negative ions, this whole effect might have a positive impact on human body too.

amber-stonesHaving a piece of Amber around or wearing jewelry made of this natural resin is also believed to minimize negative effects of electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, TV’s as well as microwaves. This mainly because European Scientists and other doctors in the 20-th century used Amber on patients who were exposed to radiation. It was believed to strengthen immune system of the body that was exposed to accidents associated with radiation.

Throughout the Middle Ages when Europe was affected diseases like plaque Amber was also quite commonly used for fumigation. As it was mentioned previously Amber contains large quantities of Succinic Acid so when it is being burned it diffuses smoke that is both irritating and aromatic. There were even some records from this time indicating that Amber might have helped to avoid diseases like plague in cities like Liepaja, Klaipeda and Gdansk. People in Eastern Europe even believed that smoke from Amber can strengthen overall human spirit and enhance courage. Up until today Aroma specialist use smoke of Amber to enhance energy of their patients and to cure many other ailments.

Although scientific research on Amber is still quite limited no one can neglect the fact that this natural gemstone is not just a beautiful jewelry. Therapeutic and healing usage of Amber throughout the years is a good prove that this gemstone has healing properties. Also properties of Amber and chemical composition of this gemstone allows to explain why most of these healing benefits might occur.