In the online shop, you can order different types of Clasps that are used for making Amber Teething Necklaces and other Jewelry. These clasps are made from plastic. We offer them in different colors - lemon, honey, cognac, cherry, black, milky and etc. so they can match different design Amber Jewelry. Also we sell these clasps polished and raw so they will match both polished and unpolished Amber Beads. It is also worthwhile to mention that it is possible to choose from two different types of clasps - Screw and POP. POP Claps are more commonly ordered in EU countries due to regulations for Baby Jewelry Clasps. And Screw type clasps are more popular in countries like USA and Australia. We are able to offer these clasps at the best wholesale price when at least 100 pieces are being ordered for the same color and type. However, it is also possible to buy these clasps in lower quantities like 25 or 50 pieces.

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