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  • Amber Teething...

    Baltic Amber Land offers large variety of Bracelets and Anklets for Babies that are made from genuine Baltic Amber Beads. These accessories are made of different color beads such as cognac, honey, lemon, milky and green. To offer even larger selection of products we mix different colors of Amber so that each accessory would be unique in appearance. When choosing a bracelet & anklet from us you can also select whether Amber Beads in this jewelry would be polished or raw. To ensure that our Amber anklets & bracelets are suitable for all size babies and children we offer them in different lengths such as 13, 14, 15 and 16 cm (5-6 inches). The other thing to mention about our Amber Baby Bracelets & Anklets is that each bead in these accessories is knotted individually. 

  • Amber Anklets with...

    In this category of our online shop, you will find Amber Anklets made with Sterling Silver 925 clasp. One great benefit of these accessories is that clasp allows adjusting length of these anklets. Since length can be adjusted these anklets quite commonly worn not only by adults, but also by babies too. Since there is a knot after each bead this jewelry can be worn by infants safely. In our shop, it is possible to order these anklets in 4 different lengths - 17 cm, 21 cm, 24 and 26 cm. If you want these anklets to be made in other lengths you can contact us and we will be able to produce them based on your requirements. When it comes to colors it is possible to choose - lemon, cognac, honey, green, cherry and other color beads for these anklets. Some of these anklets are made from polished while others from unpolished Amber Beads, which creates even more choices for this unique jewelry.

    If you own a retail business and want to order Amber Anklets with Sterling Silver Clasp from us, we are able to sell them at wholesale prices when at least 10 pieces are being ordered. 

  • Wholesale LOTS of...

    If you want to buy Amber at wholesale prices from us in this category we offer the most popular designs of Baby Teething Bracelets & Anklets in wholesale lots. Quantities in these lots vary from 10 to 100 bracelets & anklets, but it is always worthwhile to choose larger quantity lots in order to get higher discount on the price. All of these anklets & bracelets have Baltic Amber Beads knotted individually, which guarantee higher safety for a baby. Screw clasps on these accessories also ensure that they will not fall easily. Most of these anklets & bracelets for Baby are available in our stock so we will be able to ship them quickly. If you have specific requirements for these Amber Bracelets & Anklets send us an e-mail to

  • Amber Adult Bracelets

    In this category you can find a large selection of Adult Bracelets made from certified & genuine Baltic Amber Beads. Some color choices for these bracelets are Cherry, Green, Cognac, Lemon, Honey, Milky and combinations of them. Not only we offer all these different colors, but also raw or polished Amber Beads can be chosen for these accessories. When it comes to shape of Amber Beads you can choose bracelets made of Nugget, Olive and Baroque Amber Beads. The standard length of bracelets that we sell is 18 cm (7 inches). In case you have specific requirements for bracelet length or design we will be able to make them too. When ordering adult bracelets from us it is also possible to choose bracelets with screw clasp (knotted) or made on elastic band. 

  • Wholesale LOTS of...

    If you want to buy Amber Adult Bracelets at wholesale prices you can buy available lots from us. This category contains some of the most popular designs of Adult Bracelets made of Amber Beads that are preferred by many buyers. Most of these bracelets are available in our supplies so we would be able to ship them fast. Also they are being offered at the lowest price so you can be sure that you will get the best possible wholesale price. Quantities in these wholesale lots vary from 5 to 50 pcs. and they are mostly made on Elastic Band. In case you need larger choice of designs and colors they can be founded in other category of this website - Amber Adult Bracelets

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Showing 25 - 36 of 52 items